Three Parenting Styles Parents Should Know


In order to choose what parenting styles you should apply, you must first determine what are the basic parenting styles that we have. Here they are:

  •  Authoritarian

This is all about control. In this parenting style, the parent has control at all times. Iron fist is used to govern the children. There is a set of established rules that children should strictly adhere to.

  •  Permissive

This is the opposite style of the authoritarian. In this style, children are given some sense of control. There is no established set of rules. If there were, broken rules will not have any corresponding sanctions.

  •  Democratic                                               

This is a crossover between the two. In this style, there are reasonable set of rules and these are enforced logically. Parents who practice this type of parenting style take the situations as they come.

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