Top Basic Tips on Caring your Baby


Being a parent is fun and exciting. But it is accompanied by so much activity and it may drain your energy. Whatever are the consequences, you really need to do everything just to keep your baby good and healthy because you love them. Here are some basic tips on caring your baby.

Baby Skin Care

Due to global warming, the sun rays are really getting worse. They may harm your baby and may cause sun burns or rashes. Babies that are less than 6 months of age are not yet allowed to use any kind of sunscreen products. It is important that you keep them under a shade to protect them under the harmful sun rays.


Scheduling everything is vital in taking care of our baby. His food, bath, and other activities should be done in a specific period of time. When travelling, do everything to keep you doing these basics on the usual period of time.

Managing Siblings

Because there is a new member in the family, your baby’s siblings might be jealous of the new baby. When they help, understand or have their patience, be sure to don’t forget to praise them. This will help them adjust with ease.

Managing Pets

Since you have a new family member, your family pets may be neglected because your focus is already on your pet. Keep the usual routines that you are doing for your pet. You can skip a day or two in doing your pet’s daily walks. But after that, be sure to do again your custom habits to prevent your animal from being resentful.

Baby taking a Bath

Your baby needs a shower every day to wake him up. However, a gentle bath that is done every other day is important. Skip using a soap, but use a baby cleanser to protect the sensitive skin of your baby.

Playing with your Baby

Babies really do love to play. Traditional games such as peekaboo or patty-cake are still good to be used. These games are truly enjoying these kinds of games. Aside from that, you also help your baby’s brain to grow.

Feeding your Baby

When you start feeding your baby with solid foods, don’t start with a sweet fruit. It is better to introduce a healthier food such as vegetables so that the nutrients that are missing in your baby’s diet will be balanced.

Crying Baby

It is a fact that babies do cry. It is a way of telling parents that there is something wrong, he needs something or he is not comfortable. If everything is settled like diaper, noise or hunger, it may be due to other factors. Your baby is in the womb for 9 months and he is used to it. You may recreate this experience by wrapping him in a blanket, holding him tightly and then gently rocking them.




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