Nursery 101: Tips and Tricks in Creating a Nursery

Setting up a nursery is truly an exciting task. Not only will you be given the chance to paint the world of your newborn with your bare hands, but you’d also be able to choose what you think is best for your baby. However, with a lot of choices and decisions to be made, creating a nursery may be very challenging especially if this is your first time to create a nursery.

Color Scheme

If you have an old room left unused, you can transform it into a nursery without spending extravagantly by painting the walls. Since you need to consider the health of your baby, you must not use regular paint. Instead, non-toxic paint is the best choice to make sure that your baby will breathe air that’s free from toxic chemicals.

With regard to color schemes, on the other hand, I’m quite sure that you are considering the gender of your baby as a major factor. But if you want to be more economical, neutral colors that can be refreshing to the eyes will be best to use so that if your child grows up and you decide to have another baby, you can still use the nursery regardless of the gender. Also, blue and pink as color schemes may be a part of tradition for boys and girls respectively, but introducing other colors to your child is also a good decision just to make the nursery look fresher and unique.

Safety First

Aside from the necessities of your baby, you must put furniture inside the room to make it more convenient and comfortable to use. But before you bring in your old furniture sets, always consider that safety should always come first. Always choose decoration and furniture sets that are less hazardous. Cut down on using sets with sharp edges. Instead, use chairs and tables that have rounded edges and are more children friendly.

Lastly, be creative! Use design that will stimulate your child’s learning. Enjoy decorating the room and you’d surely be able to create a world that’s best for your growing child.


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