Nursery Modification: Simple Creative Tips to Live By


You may already have a nursery ready for your upcoming baby, but the question is, are you really happy with how it looks like? If otherwise, you’ve come to the right place. Since the nursery is where your child will live for the rest of his/her childhood days, it is very important that you give it time and attention. Designing the nursery may be a tedious task, but all of your efforts will absolutely be worth it once you see your child growing in an environment made with love and dedication.

Ceiling Décor

There isn’t really much you can do with how the base of the ceiling looks like, but what you can do is make sure that it will be as unique as it can by choosing the perfect lights. Since lighting plays an important role in any room, you must invest on both white and dim lights. Also, choose a chandelier that will best fit the theme of the whole area.

Another thing you can do to add decoration and movements on the ceiling is hanging decoration that is least hazardous to your baby. Hanging animal cut outs will be best because not only are they child-friendly, but they can also add to the nursery vibe you are trying to create.

Wall Décor

Not only can cut-outs be used for the ceiling, but they can also be hanged on your walls. Since Safari themes are taking its toll nowadays, you can cut out animal of tree shapes to make the walls look livelier. If, on the other hand, you are willing to spend more for the room, you can also hire a professional painter to create a mural on the walls. Just make sure that whatever theme you use for the entire area, simplicity will not be overlooked so that even when the child grows older, you won’t have a problem with the overly-decorated walls.



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