Nursery Necessities: A Minimalist’s Checklist


Whether it’s your 1st or your 10th child, preparing the nursery is always an exciting task. Whenever you are creating a concept for the baby’s room, it is important that you plan ahead and think about all of the necessities of your baby. The nursery doesn’t really have to be big, but it should be rich with all of your baby’s must-haves. If you are worried about taking up a lot of space for all of your child’s items, below are a minimalist’s tips on how you can maximize the nursery without overcrowding the area.


If you are caught in between choosing a traditional crib and the ones that can be converted, it is best that you opt for the former. Often times, these are simpler and more durable. Investing on a quality crib will be wise especially if you have plans to have other children in the future. When it comes to style, on the other hand, choose a crib that’s versatile so that in case you plan to change the concept of the nursery in the future, the crib can easily be styled to blend with the new concept.

Changing Tables

For some, changing tables are a must in a nursery. However, it would be quite illogical to consume a lot of space for this. Instead, what you can do is use the top of the cabinet as a changing table. Make sure that you put all of the necessities of your baby just near the changing area for your own convenience.

Rocking Chair and Side Table

A rocking chair will save you during your baby’s sleepless nights. Since you are going to nurse and rock your baby frequently, it is essential that the rocking chair is comfortable to use so that nursing wouldn’t be hard for you. A side table near the rocking chair will also be valuable since you can put all your child’s needs nearby.

Simplicity is ALWAYS beauty. When it comes to the nursery, choose necessities over anything else. And never forget to have fun while styling the nursery. 

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