How to Maintain Baby Safety in a Crib


If you love your baby, you would do everything in order to keep them safe. Removing all of the things that may harm them is a great responsibility for every parent. Giving also the things needed by your baby is also important.

Cribs are one of those things that are needed by a baby. It is where the baby rests, plays and others. It is also the place where he or she should be safe. However, being careless may result in trouble for your baby even though he is in his crib. It is why you should do something in order to keep your baby safe. Here are some tips in order to maintain baby safety in a crib.

  • To ensure that the baby will not get out of the crib, the bars should be equal or less than 23/8-inch apart.
  • From the mattress to the crib rail top, it should measure for a minimum of 26 inches. As the baby grows and gets taller, increase the measurement.
  • The mattress that you will put should be well-fitted to the crib walls. There must be no space between the mattress and the crib walls. Another is that, it shouldn’t sag when the baby is over it and it should be firm.
  • Cribs which contain drop rails are not safe, so avoid them.
  • The footboards and the headboards should be hard and it shouldn’t contain any decorations which may cause injuries.
  • Animal toys or other large toys shouldn’t be placed inside the crib as it may be used by your baby to elevate himself and help him to get out.
  • Bulky comforters, pillows and large, heavy blankets are not good to be placed in a crib because it can choke your baby if he is covered with these things.
  • The crib of the baby shouldn’t be placed near from a window. It is because the sunlight may be focusing on your baby’s crib and it may be uncomfortable with him. Also avoid placing the crib close to a radiator, because the temperature around the crib will also increase.
  • If your baby is already 3 feet, he can now start sleeping in a bed. Of course, as a parent, you may be worried that he might fall on the floor. You can avoid it by allowing your baby sleep in the floor with a mattress. Also, you can use some a bed, which have temporary walls on its side to prevent the baby from falling.
  • Avoid cribs with bumper pads or crib bumpers. They say that it can protect the babies from bumps or drafts, but actually there are still no evidences that it is true. Actually, it adds to the risk that the baby may be suffocated.

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