Gift Selection: Nothing but the Best for the Baby Shower


The best baby shower gifts are not the most expensive ones. Rather, the best gifts are the ones that come from deep within the heart. And since you are looking for a gift for your friend’s upcoming baby, it is best that you become gender-sensitive about the gift you’ll buy.

In addition to that, couples who are excited for their baby to come out definitely have a long list of things to buy, and as a good friend, it is advisable for you to look for items that can really be used by the parents when they are nursing the child. Therefore, it is wiser that you think of items that may come in handy at any given time and day.

Bean Bag for Comfort

Bean bags may be the last thing you have in mind, but this is one item that can absolutely be useful in a nursery. Bean bags are not space-consuming and they can provide babies a security mattress. Through a bean bag, babies can sleep comfortably and the parents will have the peace of mind they need knowing that their babies are well-secured. Plus, this item is not as expensive as compared to other necessities in the nursery.


All parents aim to provide the nourishment that their infants and toddlers need, and it is a known fact that fruits and vegetables are the best sources of the essential nutrients in the food pyramid. There are a lot of cheap juicers you can buy, and the good thing about this is that not only the babies can benefit from it, but the parents as well, thereby making it one of the best baby shower gifts you can buy.  

Bouncing Cradle

Babies love the back and forth swinging motion of a cradle as this basically helps them to relax and fall asleep. Aside from a swinging chair, bouncing cradles really help parents whenever they are nursing their baby especially during late nights when infants are restless and cannot fall asleep. Also, a lot of bouncing cradles have high-tech features like music and mobile, and these are plusses you might want to consider when choosing a gift.

Eco-friendly Sheets and Mattresses

When it comes to choosing a gift for the baby, it is essential that the item is hypoallergenic. Even though there are so many companies that offer a wide variety of products, the best sheets and mattresses are the ones that are eco-friendly. Green products are the best since you are guaranteed that there were no harsh or harmful chemicals that were used during the manufacture of these products. Also, these commodities are organic and were grown naturally.

Baby Socks and Mittens

This may be the cheapest among all of the gifts mentioned above, but since baby socks and mittens are a must in the wardrobe of infants and toddlers, buying a pack of these that are of varying colors and sizes will be one of the greatest gifts you can give to the parents.

Although it’s the thought that counts, it is rewarding to see that the baby is really benefitting from your gift. Choose wisely. Choose from the heart. Give with all your heart. 





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