Parenting 101: Keeping Infants Warm and Cozy


It is essential that parents meet the most basic needs of their infants at any cost. Aside from the tender loving care, infants have special and meticulous needs that will cause problems to the holistic health and well-being of the child if not met. One of the most common problems faced by new parents is keeping their infants safe, sound and warm during cold winter nights. While layering your child with blankets may have worked for you in the past, there are others ways in which you can regulate your child’s temperature to the level that they need, minus the pile of blankets and sheets.

Temperature Control

Instead of using layers of beddings and sheets, studies show that it is best that the child is sleeping on a supine position without a lot of layering or covering. This very simple action can greatly decrease the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. During hot, sunny days, do not cover your infant with any blanket unless if you feel that he/she is still cold because of the room temperature. Although it is important that the child is kept warmth, it is also crucial that his/her temperature is not too high. Therefore, assess the temperature of the area before you wrap your child with sheets.

Blankets and Sheets

The nursery plays a crucial role in your baby’s life. As a parent, you have to make sure that the nursery’s temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, and this is quite tricky especially since the weather conditions incessantly change. To make this task less challenging, place a flannel on the baby’s crib and make sure that you keep an extra flannel because babies can easily soil their sheets. For a covering, you may either use a personalized minky blanket or a customized snuggle blanket. However, you have to make sure that the materials of the blankets you use are hypoallergenic and will allow the baby’s skin to breathe.

Dim Lights

Another thing you can do to provide your baby a warm environment that’s conducive to sleeping is setting up dim lights in the room. Even though a baby has no ability to recognise colors, dim lights help facilitate their sleep because of the warmth it gives off.


When indoors, allow your baby to wear comfortable clothes if it’s not really cold in the area. One-piece suits and similar clothing can help your child feel more relaxed and refreshed. However, if it is cold in the area, you need to wrap up your child by using mittens and sheets.

On the other hand, babies are not always left indoors and there will be times that you need to bring out your baby for the essential Vitamin D. Going out for a walk may be challenging especially during cold days. Bunting, snowsuits, socks, boots and mittens would surely help you keep your baby warm despite the weather conditions. Make sure though that you monitor your child because if he/she gets all too sweaty from the suit, he/she will feel colder on the inside. 


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