The Finest Baby Gifts: The Cheap and the Functional


A child deserves nothing but the best, and this is why giving a gift to a baby is extremely exciting and gratifying. However, looking for a gift is not as easy as A, B, C. Most of the necessities of a child are quite expensive and they may require a fortune. Nevertheless, there are cheap finds that may still be appreciated by the child and the parents. These gifts will not burn a hole in your pocket while you are still assured that you are providing the best for the child. Cheap baby gifts may be small and simple, but they can still be treasurable items that are worth more than a fortune.

Customized Snuggle Blankets

The need for warmth of babies is undeniable, and this is why blankets are necessities of any nursery. Even if the parents already prepared several blankets, they can always use extra blankets especially during cold windy nights. To make your gift extra special, you can pick a design via the Internet and buy customized snuggle blankets. Although it may be more expensive than ordinary snuggle blankets, they are proven to be more memorable and treasurable. Another option for you to save money and still have the blanket customized is watch tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to stitch the name of the baby on the blanket or add extra design that will make your gift unique and irreplaceable.

Teething Pacifiers

Throughout the years, the design of pacifiers has changed and you basically have numerous options to choose from. Even though pacifiers are very simple gifts, you are guaranteed that this gift will aid the child during his/her teething days. When choosing a teething pacifier, however, make sure that the brand you’ll choose is recommended and safe for babies. Buying well-known brands may be pricier than local brands, but at least you are sure that you are buying a safe item for the baby.

Travel Bottle

Travelling is one luxury that you can never take away from families. A perfect gift for a newborn is a travel bottle that can heat water even without electricity. This is one of the perfect gifts you may buy that is still within your budget. Imagine eliminating the hassle of parents from stopping over just to find electricity to heat the water to be used for their baby. With this item as a gift, you are going to be heaven-sent!

A Set of Feeding Bottles

Of course, a set of feeding bottles will never be eliminated in the list of must-have items of any baby. Aside from functionality, buying a set of bottles is a lot cheaper than buying the other necessities of the baby. Just make sure that the bottles you’ll buy are of good quality so that the baby would be able to feed from them. If the nipple is too hard, the baby might dislike using it during feeding time. 


The cheapest item on the list is a set of colourful bibs that can be used by the baby even when he/she becomes older. 


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