The Holy Arm Candy

Attending a christening ceremony is truly exciting, especially if you hold a special bond with the child and the parents. Even though what matters the most is your presence, bringing a special gift for the child is one thing you can do to make the celebration more memorable. Now, there are hundreds of christening gifts out there and you do not really have to stress on finding the perfect one for the beloved child, but if you are confuse on what to buy, I have just the perfect present for you.

A Personalized Rosary

Rosaries are commonly given as christening gifts for girls. I know you think that this is too stereotypical, but this very simple item can mean a hundred words. Basically, the child still does not know how to pray the rosary, but this is no reason for you to eradicate this item in your list of options because sooner or later, the child will also learn the important prayers that are a big part of Christianity. To add spice in your gift, you can customize the rosary and turn it into a bracelet. Engraving the child’s name on it will also be a perfect idea since it will remind the child once she grows up that this gift was especially made for her. This is one of my best picks whenever I look for christening gifts for girls.

Aside from this item, what you could really offer best are your prayers. Pray for the child to grow with strong faith in Him, and I’m sure God will answer your prayers.  


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