Five Of The Best Ideas To Give A Little Boy For His Christening


Most people will agree that men are a lot more difficult to get gifts for compared to women. Aside from a power tool, belt, tie, or other clothing items, there are no more other options. That is probably why most men get the same gifts year after year.

This also happens to be true way before. In Christening, most people find it easy to get gifts for little girls. Aside from the usual Christening gifts, you can buy necklaces, bracelets, charms, and other mementos for the little one to enjoy. However, with little boys, there can be a problem.

There are plenty of ideas to help you in finding the best gift to offer the new Christian little boy. Here are five of the best christening gifts for boys.

One of the popular gifts is a Christening Bible. Christening Bibles have many shapes and sizes. Go for the leather bounded ones. The King James Version of the Bible with a silver front piece is a traditional choice. This gift will really come in handy in the future. It is also something that can be passed on from generations to come.

Silver is also a perfect gift. Silver has been associated with Christening events for the longest time. Another popular choice is a silver St. Christopher pendant. It is a lot cheaper compared to the Bible. Who is St. Christopher? He is the saint of travelers and a guide for a child, providing protection in his or her journey through life. Have an engraving of the child’s initials to make the gift more personalized.

A silver mug or cup is also a good idea. Since the old times, these items have been a token or a gift given as small scaled designs in display boxes. Now in modern times, silver has became a lot pricier that is why a full sized cup is seldom given as gifts anymore.

More ideas to gift a little boy with is a set of silver cufflinks. It is a lasting gift can be kept or used when the boy gets older.  Again for a more personalized feel, you can engrave the initial of the owner. Cufflinks come in the form of the Christian fish or ICHTHUS in the cross.

For those who have a bit of a Celtic background, a Quaich is a memorable gift. It is a two handled bowl shaped cup is a good symbol of friendship. This is a good way to establish a good relationship between you and the kid. The Quaich is used as a cup passed on from one person to another as rite of passage in events like Christenings, weddings, and even funerals. Most Quaich has engravings of the name of the New Christian and date of the Christening inside the bowl.

Whatever gift you choose, make sure it will be for long term use. It should always be something that can be treasure once the boy grows up.


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