The Best Christening Gifts for Baby Boys


Every baby is a blessing from above. As you welcome the child into the Christian world, it is also important to place high value to the child through your special gifts. You don’t really have to spend a fortune just to show how much you care, but exerting efforts just to buy gifts for the baby is one gesture that would reflect your sincere care and love. Now, when it comes to buying gifts, we cannot deny the fact that gender plays a crucial role in looking for perfect gifts that could brighten up the child’s world. If you are a godparent of a bouncing baby boy, then this is your lucky day. Below are some of the perfect christening presents for a boy. With this list at hand, you can definitely find the best gifts that wouldn’t break a bank.

Bib Turned Bow

Bibs are definitely a must buy for every child. But instead of buying traditional bibs, you can add style and flavour to your gift by putting a removable bow in it. This is a very budget-friendly and stylish pick that could make the parents feel excited about feeding their child. Add to that the fact that this bib can make them look like highly fashionable parents even if they grow tired from nursing the baby. Choose variations of color to make sure that the bib can greatly complement any outfit. Black, dark blue and red bibs are perfect options.

Personalized Coin Bank

Sooner or later, the child will grow up. If you want to give a gift that he could use even years after the christening event, you can always buy a personalized coin bank that can teach the child the value of earning. Aside from piggy banks, you have a lot of options like train and trucks turned coin banks. Through this, you can inculcate values to the child even if you are not around all the time. Every boy will soon be a man, and the earlier he learns how to value money, the brighter his future can be.

Children’s Books

There is absolutely nothing that could compare to the value of children’s books. Surely, they may not be as expensive as other gifts, but they nevertheless play a big role in the child’s development. Buying books that help him learn about different sets of values can make him wiser. Indeed, the gift of knowledge is the best gift of all. Just make sure that the books you’ll buy are all pleasing to the child’s eyes because children nowadays are very visual. They learn from what they see and experience first-hand.

Personalized Blanket

You don’t have to splurge a lot of money in buying a customized blanket. In fact, you can have the child’s name sewn on one side of the blanket, and you are off to go. Pick blankets that are hypoallergenic and comfortable. There are a lot of brands you can choose from in different shopping centers or sites.

Looking for the perfect gift for a baby is not a tough cookie to crack. Choose with love, care and affection and you will definitely be able to buy the best gift ever.


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