Give Love, Give from the Heart: The Best Christening Gifts


Christening events should always be celebrated. More than any occasion, a christening ceremony is special as it marks the beginning of a little angel’s journey towards his/her spiritual growth. If you are invited in this prestigious occasion, consider yourself very lucky because only a chosen few are able to join this festive celebration. Since this is amongst the very rare ceremonies that can radiate a different level of solitude and joy, it is also a must that you buy a christening gift that will act as a symbol of your sincerity and love. No matter how big or small your gift is, what matters the most is the thought you put into the item. Now, if you are quite worried about not finding the best gift, there is no need for you to fret because below is a list of the simplest and most functional items you can buy:

Personalized Picture Frame

If you are artistic by heart, you can definitely save on your gift by creating a customized picture frame. Even if the child grows up a few months or years after the event, your gift will always be treasured since it would forever be a remembrance of how the child once was. You can buy scrap book items on bookstores, or you can choose to include items in the frame that you personally created. On the other hand, if you have never fancied creating artworks, you can also buy customized frames through stores or online shops. Since the gift is for a christening ceremony, it’s better if you would include a Bible verse in the customized frame. This will always remind the child of how essential it is to live by faith no matter how tough life gets.

Locket of Love

Lockets are popular christening gifts girls because they can grow old with the child and there are so many possibilities when you opt to offer a locket as a gift. You can either put the picture of the child and her family inside, or the photo of the child together with a Bible verse. Either way, your gift will be more than treasurable because it could remind the child the importance of incorporating family values at any instance. Lastly, to make the gift extra special, you can engrave a cross on the top part of the locket, together with the initial of the child. Sounds amazing, right? Right!

Cuddle Pillow

Who says cuddling is for adults only? Cuddle pillows are perfect gifts for children as they will never be outgrown. They are very functional and they are also cheap gifts that are worth treasuring. If you are running on a low budget, this is a very wise option. Also, you can make it look more personalized by sewing the child’s name on the pillowcase, or by having it printed. This will be a perfect gift for any christening ceremony.

Looking for perfect gifts is never difficult to do if your heart is in the art of giving. And lastly, it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive your gift is because the best gift you could ever give any child is love, guidance and compassion.


Big and Cheap: Christening Gifts Worth Chipping In


Christening events are one of the occasions where we could celebrate sincere love, purity and joy. No matter what religious group you are a part of, it is always an honor to be invited in a glorious event like this because only a chosen few are invited to this very holy celebration. Now, I am quite sure you are excited to attend the event, but before you prepare your entire ensemble, let us first explore on the best gifts you can buy for the child. Since you are going to attend the event with friends or other family members who also love the child dearly, one of the greatest things you could do to make sure that your gift will be most functional is to take shares for a big gift. Through this, you would not have to worry about breaking the bank while ensuring that your gift will come out extra special. If you don’t have big christening gift ideas in mind, then below are some of the best you can find:


If the child doesn’t have a walker yet, then you can definitely contribute to the child’s developmental milestone if you buy him/her one. Gather a group of 4-5 friends and split the bill for a high quality walker. This may be expensive, but if you would share it with your group, you will surely be surprised on how cheap it would cost you. Indeed, there is no replacement for being resourceful, is there? So before you get ready for the big day, get that big wrapper ready for this awesome treat first.

Rocking Cradle

I am quite sure that just like any other child, your godchild also wants to be rocked to sleep. A rocking cradle is perfect to suit your godchild’s needs! Aside from providing optimum comfort and convenience to the child, you would be able to help the parents in their nursing duties since your cradle is there to help them successfully nurse the child. There are also rocking cradles that are comprised of hanging toys that would make the child feel more entertained. When choosing, always look at the quality to make sure that you are not buying the wrong brand of cradle.


Strollers are blessings here on earth. Can you imagine nursing a child outdoors without a stroller? Absolutely not! A stroller is perfect since the child most probably does not know how to walk yet. And even if he/she does, it is very convenient to bring a cradle every time the family goes out since the child will definitely have to rest after a tiring walk. Save the parents from a full day of stress by giving them this gift. If you opt to buy a stroller, find a large group since the price is usually higher than the other ‘big’ gifts we have here.

These special christening gifts for girls and boys are worth every cent. Divide the bill into your group, and you will definitely be able to contribute highly to the child’s development.


The Best Christening Gifts for Baby Boys


Every baby is a blessing from above. As you welcome the child into the Christian world, it is also important to place high value to the child through your special gifts. You don’t really have to spend a fortune just to show how much you care, but exerting efforts just to buy gifts for the baby is one gesture that would reflect your sincere care and love. Now, when it comes to buying gifts, we cannot deny the fact that gender plays a crucial role in looking for perfect gifts that could brighten up the child’s world. If you are a godparent of a bouncing baby boy, then this is your lucky day. Below are some of the perfect christening presents for a boy. With this list at hand, you can definitely find the best gifts that wouldn’t break a bank.

Bib Turned Bow

Bibs are definitely a must buy for every child. But instead of buying traditional bibs, you can add style and flavour to your gift by putting a removable bow in it. This is a very budget-friendly and stylish pick that could make the parents feel excited about feeding their child. Add to that the fact that this bib can make them look like highly fashionable parents even if they grow tired from nursing the baby. Choose variations of color to make sure that the bib can greatly complement any outfit. Black, dark blue and red bibs are perfect options.

Personalized Coin Bank

Sooner or later, the child will grow up. If you want to give a gift that he could use even years after the christening event, you can always buy a personalized coin bank that can teach the child the value of earning. Aside from piggy banks, you have a lot of options like train and trucks turned coin banks. Through this, you can inculcate values to the child even if you are not around all the time. Every boy will soon be a man, and the earlier he learns how to value money, the brighter his future can be.

Children’s Books

There is absolutely nothing that could compare to the value of children’s books. Surely, they may not be as expensive as other gifts, but they nevertheless play a big role in the child’s development. Buying books that help him learn about different sets of values can make him wiser. Indeed, the gift of knowledge is the best gift of all. Just make sure that the books you’ll buy are all pleasing to the child’s eyes because children nowadays are very visual. They learn from what they see and experience first-hand.

Personalized Blanket

You don’t have to splurge a lot of money in buying a customized blanket. In fact, you can have the child’s name sewn on one side of the blanket, and you are off to go. Pick blankets that are hypoallergenic and comfortable. There are a lot of brands you can choose from in different shopping centers or sites.

Looking for the perfect gift for a baby is not a tough cookie to crack. Choose with love, care and affection and you will definitely be able to buy the best gift ever.


Cheap Christening Gifts: Only the Best and the Finest


Attending a christening ceremony is absolutely one opportunity that you should never miss. Being a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience is a very treasurable moment that could make a mark in a child’s life. That being said, offering a simple christening gift to your godchild is one step of showing how genuine you are in accepting your responsibility of nurturing the child with love and affection. Now, buying a christening gift does not mean that you shell out a lot of cash. With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can definitely be on your way to selecting the perfect christening gift.

Personalized Bibs

If you have a really tight budget, you do not need to force yourself into buying baby stuffs that are way above your allotted price range. Personalized bibs are definitely the go-to of many godparents who want to save from gift buying without foregoing the need to be memorable and unique. Aside from being functional, bibs can also send cool messages to your godchild. Look for humorous and fun phrases that could best fit the child and have them imprinted on each bib. In the like manner, you can also look for Bible verses that could remind the entire family of the importance of putting God first in all circumstances.

Travel Blankets

A child can never have too many blankets as they are well-known necessities in a child’s life. To make sure that the child is always wrapped up in comfort and care, buying a travel blanket can be one of your best options. If you want to make it more memorable, you can also have the travel blanket personalized by sewing the child’s name in it. If you don’t know how to sew, you can always look for a trust-worthy tailor. The labour costs only a few pounds, and the best thing about this is that you are sure that a high value will be placed on this item since it is customized. Plus, it doesn’t cost as much as other christening gifts.

Cuddle Cubes

Cuddling is something we can never outgrow, and yes, I’m sure your godchild loves cuddling too. Cuddle cubes are inexpensive christening presents that can withstand the test of time. No matter how old the child gets, it can still serve its purpose and function especially if it is made up of durable materials. When picking cuddle cubes, make sure that the fabric is hypoallergenic. In addition to that, there are eco-friendly baby materials that could be the best gifts even if the child’s skin is overly sensitive.

Family Portrait

A family portrait is not only cheap, but it is also a very treasurable item. If you are running out of ideas and resources, you can always count on a family portrait to save the day. All you need to do is print a picture of your godchild and his/her entire family and put it inside a gorgeous frame, and voila! You now have an instant christening gift.

If you have a low budget, there are a lot of cheap christening gifts that could help you show how much you care. Just remember, it’s the value that you put in the gift that matters the most, not the price tag.


Five Of The Best Ideas To Give A Little Boy For His Christening


Most people will agree that men are a lot more difficult to get gifts for compared to women. Aside from a power tool, belt, tie, or other clothing items, there are no more other options. That is probably why most men get the same gifts year after year.

This also happens to be true way before. In Christening, most people find it easy to get gifts for little girls. Aside from the usual Christening gifts, you can buy necklaces, bracelets, charms, and other mementos for the little one to enjoy. However, with little boys, there can be a problem.

There are plenty of ideas to help you in finding the best gift to offer the new Christian little boy. Here are five of the best christening gifts for boys.

One of the popular gifts is a Christening Bible. Christening Bibles have many shapes and sizes. Go for the leather bounded ones. The King James Version of the Bible with a silver front piece is a traditional choice. This gift will really come in handy in the future. It is also something that can be passed on from generations to come.

Silver is also a perfect gift. Silver has been associated with Christening events for the longest time. Another popular choice is a silver St. Christopher pendant. It is a lot cheaper compared to the Bible. Who is St. Christopher? He is the saint of travelers and a guide for a child, providing protection in his or her journey through life. Have an engraving of the child’s initials to make the gift more personalized.

A silver mug or cup is also a good idea. Since the old times, these items have been a token or a gift given as small scaled designs in display boxes. Now in modern times, silver has became a lot pricier that is why a full sized cup is seldom given as gifts anymore.

More ideas to gift a little boy with is a set of silver cufflinks. It is a lasting gift can be kept or used when the boy gets older.  Again for a more personalized feel, you can engrave the initial of the owner. Cufflinks come in the form of the Christian fish or ICHTHUS in the cross.

For those who have a bit of a Celtic background, a Quaich is a memorable gift. It is a two handled bowl shaped cup is a good symbol of friendship. This is a good way to establish a good relationship between you and the kid. The Quaich is used as a cup passed on from one person to another as rite of passage in events like Christenings, weddings, and even funerals. Most Quaich has engravings of the name of the New Christian and date of the Christening inside the bowl.

Whatever gift you choose, make sure it will be for long term use. It should always be something that can be treasure once the boy grows up.


Nursery Mistakes To Avoid


Most parents make a lot of mistakes when it comes to decorating and furnishing the child’s nursery. If you wish to do this right the first time, then you must familiarize yourself with the various mistakes that you should avoid. These are as follows:

  • Painting the walls with chemical-laden paint.

Organic paint os now made available for a reason so you should take advantage of this. The nursery must be kept chemical-free as possible and that is why you should be cautious in choosing paints for the nursery.

  • Buying a crib with the wrong size.

The size of the crib does matter even the baby is just too small. Of course, it must not be too little for the baby or else, he will not be able to move around. In addition to this, the crib must not be too big or the baby will have lots of room to roll around.

  • Not prioritizing the bedding

Even if the beddings are not attention catching items, these are the things that your baby sleeps in and that is why you should not overlook its importance.

If you plan on giving Christmas presents for boys, it is recommended that you take these things into consideration too. By doing so, you can give the perfect items for the nursery. Amazing gifts that you can give include baby blanket, beddings, cribs, crib mobiles and a whole lot more. Happy shopping!


A List of Baby Essentials For The New Moms and Dads (and their Friends)

  •  article-2256515-16BC456D000005DC-368_634x422

    For expecting moms and dads, it is recommended that you create a list of baby essentials that you need to buy in preparation for the arrival of your little angel. By being prepared a few months before the baby comes, you will be able to reduce the stress that would come with the baby. In this way, you can focus more on the warmth and love the baby has given you.

    With that in mind, here are some essentials for your baby:

    Baby bottles

    Even if your baby will be breastfed for the first few months, it is still recommended that you have a baby bottle in hand. In addition to this, it is also recommended that you buy some baby bottle brushes and cleaner too.

    Baby beddings

    Of course, your main priority should be to make your baby feel comfortable at all times, most especially during the first few days of her life. There are different types of materials used for bedding. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you do your research to find the perfect materials that would make your baby comfortable. Beddings include baby blanket, pillows, crib cover and a whole lot more.


    Of course, there is no need to elaborate this.

    Aside from moms and dads, this list will come handy for friends who are planning to buy Christening presents for girls, christmas gifts, birthday gifts and a whole lot more. By giving these items, you can help the couple take care with their new baby.