Different Gift Ideas For Boys


If someone very dear to you gave birth to a baby boy, then you are surely wondering what would be the best Christening gift for boys. Of course, finding the perfect gift can be quite difficult. It can be made easier with a few tips and advices.

When giving gifts to a baby boy, you have to consider  the purpose, usefulness and material of the gift. With that in mind, here are some of the best gift ideas for a baby boy.

Hooded Towel

The mom and the baby will surely appreciate all things cute. If you wish to make the bath time look a lot more fun and exciting for a little one, it is best that you give him a hooded bath towel. This type of towels come in different colors and shapes. You will surely have fun choosing the baby’s gift!

Cap and Booties

No one can resist the charm of baby clothes. That is why a lot of people give these as their christening gifts. If you wish to shy away from the norm and you want to give the baby something useful and cute, cap and booties is the best things to buy!

Baby blanket

Aside from baby clothes and towels, one thing that you would also like to give are baby blankets! Aside from making the baby feel comfortable while sleeping, this baby accessory can also help in guarding the baby from mosquito bites and keeping him warm all throughout the night.


Sleep Products For Girl Christening Gifts


Sleep is one of the highly needed activity of a baby. Sadly, a good night sleep is not an easy thing to achieve. If your friend has had a new baby, then you must understand the fact that they are too tired of putting their baby to sleep, being woke up by cries in the middle of the night and many more. Because of this, you would usually see them tired and looking stressed out.

If you are looking for girl christening gifts, you must take this simple thing into consideration. What would be the best gift for the baby? Something that would surely help them sleep at night, of course! Here are some amazing gift ideas for the little one:

Story books

When the babies are read with bedtime stories, they feel sleepy and end up sleeping a lot faster than usual. It is recommended that you opt for one which are full of rhythm and rhymes and a lot of repetition. This will surely have the baby sleeping in no time!

Baby Blanket

Of course, the baby must feel warm and cozy in order to get the proper sleep. This can be easily achieved with the use of a baby blanket. There are different types of blanket out there so it is best that you determine which one would be suit the baby’s needs.


If you want to make your baby feel relax and comfortable, a glider or a rocker will help do the trick. You can use it for gliding, rocking or just sitting down. This is also a best place for you to read bedtime stories to your child. At first, this may seem like a big investment but the baby and her parents will surely appreciate it.

When you give the baby any of the above items, you will not only help the baby but her parents as well!


Christening gifts For Boys: How To Buy Baby Nursery Must Haves

If you are looking for Christening gifts for boys, one great idea is to give them some of the essentials for building a great nursery. Keep in mind that a nursery is where the baby will rest, relax and get his much needed sleep. Because of this, you must place great attention to what type of nursery essentials you must give the child. Here are some of the nursery must-haves that can be great christening gifts for boys:

Being warm and safe is important in having a good night sleep. When buying a baby blanket, you must consider some factors. First, you should think about the size– it should not be too long, too big or too little. Of course, the type of fabric used must be evaluated too. Make sure that the fabric will allow your baby to breathe properly.

Changing pad
Instead of the usual changing table, changing pad is highly recommended since you can carry it wherever you wish. Also, it is very easy to maintain since it just has to be wiped down – nothing more.

Pillows also play an important role in the baby’s sleep. Make sure that you choose a pillow that is not too elevated so that your baby can feel comfortable.

With all these amazing ideas, you can certainly give the child something that would keep him comfortable all night long.


Baby Gifts: Cheap and Rare Finds

Christening presents for girlsare really exciting to find. Since their christening is a signal of the start of their life of Christianity, it bears so much importance and it is undeniable that godparents should always strive to provide the child with love and care. But aside from this, you as a godparent also have the role of imparting Christian values that would help the child grow in faith and love in Him. Now, to begin your journey, offering a simple gift will definitely be appreciated not only by the child, but the parents as well. If you have a very tight budget, I’m sure this gift will fit your need to create a mark on the child while spending less than what you can.

Sheets and Hankies with Love

Almost all girls love pink, and I’m sure you’d agree with that. If your budget does not allow you to spend a fortune on your gift, you can still make the item memorable by personalizing it. Ordinary sheets or hankies can really become special by simply engraving the child’s name and date of birth on one of its sides. Not only is this gift special and functional, but it is also within your budget. If you do not know how to sew, ask your local tailor and I am positive that the service will not be expensive.

Finding christening gifts for girls is not as difficult and expensive as it sounds. As long as you are resourceful, I am sure you could find the perfect item for your godchild.   


Framed Memory: The Perfect Christening Gift

No blessing is greater than being able to witness a child being welcomed in the Christian world. If you are invited, consider yourself to be very lucky because it means that the parents trust you to become a special part of the child’s life. A part of going to a christening ceremony is bringing a gift. Even though you are not obliged to do so, buying a gift means you want the child to remember you even when he/she grows up. Christening gifts for girlsand boys are not hard to find. Basically, you can buy items from malls and other baby stores. However, if you would like to make your gift extra special, you can always do so by customizing the present.

Framed Memory

A frame may not be the first thing you have in mind, but this could be one of the most perfect christening gifts for girls and boys especially if you’d personalize it. Since we are talking about christening here, it is best that you put a Bible verse on the frame. Also, you could add some beadworks and ribbons on it for the frame to look its best. This could be used as a room decoration. Aside from being budget-friendly, it can also become very meaningful to the child and the parents since they know that you dedicated time and effort just to personalize it.

Finding a gift is not a difficult task. Remember that it’s the thought that always counts. Enjoy the ceremony and may you have a blessed life!


The Perfect Christening Gift

Welcoming a child into the Christian world is always a privilege. Since every infant is a gift from above, we hold the responsibility to give thanks and praise to our Creator and make sure that our children are raised in accordance with the values imparted to us by the Christian world.

Now, looking for christening presents for boys is very critical as our gift should always serve as a reminder of faith and love in Him. Remember that this is a once in a lifetime event. Even if you might have to spend for a present, at least you are confident that your gift can be a symbol of how important faith is in life.

The Customized Cross

You could either by the customary cross as a design for the room of the baby. But if you would like to make it more personal, a customized cross would be a better gift. This is one of the most popular christening presents for boys as it symbolizes Christ’s undying love for us. Aside from the name of the baby, you could also put a bible verse in it as a reminder of the importance of Christ’s unfailing promises. This gift may be simple, but it could really grow with your child and you would be sure that it will never be thrown out of the garbage bin.

Looking for a present is not a tedious process, and your gift does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Just remember that what really matters the most is the value you put in your gift. 



The Holy Arm Candy

Attending a christening ceremony is truly exciting, especially if you hold a special bond with the child and the parents. Even though what matters the most is your presence, bringing a special gift for the child is one thing you can do to make the celebration more memorable. Now, there are hundreds of christening gifts out there and you do not really have to stress on finding the perfect one for the beloved child, but if you are confuse on what to buy, I have just the perfect present for you.

A Personalized Rosary

Rosaries are commonly given as christening gifts for girls. I know you think that this is too stereotypical, but this very simple item can mean a hundred words. Basically, the child still does not know how to pray the rosary, but this is no reason for you to eradicate this item in your list of options because sooner or later, the child will also learn the important prayers that are a big part of Christianity. To add spice in your gift, you can customize the rosary and turn it into a bracelet. Engraving the child’s name on it will also be a perfect idea since it will remind the child once she grows up that this gift was especially made for her. This is one of my best picks whenever I look for christening gifts for girls.

Aside from this item, what you could really offer best are your prayers. Pray for the child to grow with strong faith in Him, and I’m sure God will answer your prayers.