Give Love, Give from the Heart: The Best Christening Gifts


Christening events should always be celebrated. More than any occasion, a christening ceremony is special as it marks the beginning of a little angel’s journey towards his/her spiritual growth. If you are invited in this prestigious occasion, consider yourself very lucky because only a chosen few are able to join this festive celebration. Since this is amongst the very rare ceremonies that can radiate a different level of solitude and joy, it is also a must that you buy a christening gift that will act as a symbol of your sincerity and love. No matter how big or small your gift is, what matters the most is the thought you put into the item. Now, if you are quite worried about not finding the best gift, there is no need for you to fret because below is a list of the simplest and most functional items you can buy:

Personalized Picture Frame

If you are artistic by heart, you can definitely save on your gift by creating a customized picture frame. Even if the child grows up a few months or years after the event, your gift will always be treasured since it would forever be a remembrance of how the child once was. You can buy scrap book items on bookstores, or you can choose to include items in the frame that you personally created. On the other hand, if you have never fancied creating artworks, you can also buy customized frames through stores or online shops. Since the gift is for a christening ceremony, it’s better if you would include a Bible verse in the customized frame. This will always remind the child of how essential it is to live by faith no matter how tough life gets.

Locket of Love

Lockets are popular christening gifts girls because they can grow old with the child and there are so many possibilities when you opt to offer a locket as a gift. You can either put the picture of the child and her family inside, or the photo of the child together with a Bible verse. Either way, your gift will be more than treasurable because it could remind the child the importance of incorporating family values at any instance. Lastly, to make the gift extra special, you can engrave a cross on the top part of the locket, together with the initial of the child. Sounds amazing, right? Right!

Cuddle Pillow

Who says cuddling is for adults only? Cuddle pillows are perfect gifts for children as they will never be outgrown. They are very functional and they are also cheap gifts that are worth treasuring. If you are running on a low budget, this is a very wise option. Also, you can make it look more personalized by sewing the child’s name on the pillowcase, or by having it printed. This will be a perfect gift for any christening ceremony.

Looking for perfect gifts is never difficult to do if your heart is in the art of giving. And lastly, it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive your gift is because the best gift you could ever give any child is love, guidance and compassion.


Big and Cheap: Christening Gifts Worth Chipping In


Christening events are one of the occasions where we could celebrate sincere love, purity and joy. No matter what religious group you are a part of, it is always an honor to be invited in a glorious event like this because only a chosen few are invited to this very holy celebration. Now, I am quite sure you are excited to attend the event, but before you prepare your entire ensemble, let us first explore on the best gifts you can buy for the child. Since you are going to attend the event with friends or other family members who also love the child dearly, one of the greatest things you could do to make sure that your gift will be most functional is to take shares for a big gift. Through this, you would not have to worry about breaking the bank while ensuring that your gift will come out extra special. If you don’t have big christening gift ideas in mind, then below are some of the best you can find:


If the child doesn’t have a walker yet, then you can definitely contribute to the child’s developmental milestone if you buy him/her one. Gather a group of 4-5 friends and split the bill for a high quality walker. This may be expensive, but if you would share it with your group, you will surely be surprised on how cheap it would cost you. Indeed, there is no replacement for being resourceful, is there? So before you get ready for the big day, get that big wrapper ready for this awesome treat first.

Rocking Cradle

I am quite sure that just like any other child, your godchild also wants to be rocked to sleep. A rocking cradle is perfect to suit your godchild’s needs! Aside from providing optimum comfort and convenience to the child, you would be able to help the parents in their nursing duties since your cradle is there to help them successfully nurse the child. There are also rocking cradles that are comprised of hanging toys that would make the child feel more entertained. When choosing, always look at the quality to make sure that you are not buying the wrong brand of cradle.


Strollers are blessings here on earth. Can you imagine nursing a child outdoors without a stroller? Absolutely not! A stroller is perfect since the child most probably does not know how to walk yet. And even if he/she does, it is very convenient to bring a cradle every time the family goes out since the child will definitely have to rest after a tiring walk. Save the parents from a full day of stress by giving them this gift. If you opt to buy a stroller, find a large group since the price is usually higher than the other ‘big’ gifts we have here.

These special christening gifts for girls and boys are worth every cent. Divide the bill into your group, and you will definitely be able to contribute highly to the child’s development.


The Simple Things That Count


Setting up a nursery is both exciting and tiring. Aside from the time and efforts you have exerted, I am also quite sure that you have spent a significant amount of money especially if it’s your first time to create a nursery. However, some parents have the tendency to forget items that are essential for the baby. The nursery may be glamorous and all, but some simple pieces may just be missing in action. To complete your checklist, here are items that will surely make the nursery look perfect and complete.

Mobile Hangings

Babies can only see limited colors in their first few months, and if you cannot decide which hangings to pick, choose black and white ones since they can be easily distinguished by your baby. Also, mobility will stimulate your child’s brain and it is best that you hang them just above the crib. Make sure though that these are well-secured.

Changing Pads

You don’t really need changing tables that occupy a large space in the nursery. Instead, you need changing pads since you have to expect the diapers to be soiled every once in a while. Now, in choosing a changing pad, buy one that will not give you a hard tie in cleaning up. Washable pads are best to use for babies.

White Noise

If you want to keep your baby calm and relaxed, white noise would be a great addition to the nursery. This simply mimics the sound of flowing water or the sound of a mother’s womb. Through this handy little record, you’d be able to make your baby fall asleep in no time.

Dirt Bags and Bins

You will definitely have to face a lot of soiled garments once your baby comes out. Since this is the case, it is vital that you put a bin for the dirty clothes as well dirt bags for the soiled diapers. This is one way you can make sure that the nursery will not lack organization. 

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter the most. Make every moment count by securing that your baby’s need for comfort is fully covered.

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Nursery Necessities: A Minimalist’s Checklist


Whether it’s your 1st or your 10th child, preparing the nursery is always an exciting task. Whenever you are creating a concept for the baby’s room, it is important that you plan ahead and think about all of the necessities of your baby. The nursery doesn’t really have to be big, but it should be rich with all of your baby’s must-haves. If you are worried about taking up a lot of space for all of your child’s items, below are a minimalist’s tips on how you can maximize the nursery without overcrowding the area.


If you are caught in between choosing a traditional crib and the ones that can be converted, it is best that you opt for the former. Often times, these are simpler and more durable. Investing on a quality crib will be wise especially if you have plans to have other children in the future. When it comes to style, on the other hand, choose a crib that’s versatile so that in case you plan to change the concept of the nursery in the future, the crib can easily be styled to blend with the new concept.

Changing Tables

For some, changing tables are a must in a nursery. However, it would be quite illogical to consume a lot of space for this. Instead, what you can do is use the top of the cabinet as a changing table. Make sure that you put all of the necessities of your baby just near the changing area for your own convenience.

Rocking Chair and Side Table

A rocking chair will save you during your baby’s sleepless nights. Since you are going to nurse and rock your baby frequently, it is essential that the rocking chair is comfortable to use so that nursing wouldn’t be hard for you. A side table near the rocking chair will also be valuable since you can put all your child’s needs nearby.

Simplicity is ALWAYS beauty. When it comes to the nursery, choose necessities over anything else. And never forget to have fun while styling the nursery. 

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Helpful Parenting Tips For Overcoming Parent- Child Conflicts and Challenges


Challenges and conflicts will forever be there in a parent-child relationship. As a parent, it is always up to you to how you can properly handle such troubles that might come your way. Keep in mind that you can always treat children as if they were your friends. Be a parent to your children in a way that you will give them the respect and honor that they need, Always value their opinions and never ever threaten or berate them. Just offer positive criticisms. Listening is the key to resolving all conflicts so make sure that you take time to hear out what they have to say.






Three Things Parents Should Understand


Being a parent is the most difficult job there is. Parenting will be a lot easier if parents will be able to understand these three simple concepts:

  • Limitations

Limitations are not about just rules; these make up established boundaries. Setting effective limits will require you to determine what is most valuable. You are not expected to establish rules but you have to create behavioral limits.

  • Discipline

Once the limitations have been violated, you have to impose disciplinary actions. This is what discipline is for. Keep in mind the discipline does not necessarily mean punishment.

  • Freedom

Keep in mind the children need freedom too. They also need be given the chance to create their own choices and they also need space so they could have time to grow.

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Top Basic Tips on Caring your Baby


Being a parent is fun and exciting. But it is accompanied by so much activity and it may drain your energy. Whatever are the consequences, you really need to do everything just to keep your baby good and healthy because you love them. Here are some basic tips on caring your baby.

Baby Skin Care

Due to global warming, the sun rays are really getting worse. They may harm your baby and may cause sun burns or rashes. Babies that are less than 6 months of age are not yet allowed to use any kind of sunscreen products. It is important that you keep them under a shade to protect them under the harmful sun rays.


Scheduling everything is vital in taking care of our baby. His food, bath, and other activities should be done in a specific period of time. When travelling, do everything to keep you doing these basics on the usual period of time.

Managing Siblings

Because there is a new member in the family, your baby’s siblings might be jealous of the new baby. When they help, understand or have their patience, be sure to don’t forget to praise them. This will help them adjust with ease.

Managing Pets

Since you have a new family member, your family pets may be neglected because your focus is already on your pet. Keep the usual routines that you are doing for your pet. You can skip a day or two in doing your pet’s daily walks. But after that, be sure to do again your custom habits to prevent your animal from being resentful.

Baby taking a Bath

Your baby needs a shower every day to wake him up. However, a gentle bath that is done every other day is important. Skip using a soap, but use a baby cleanser to protect the sensitive skin of your baby.

Playing with your Baby

Babies really do love to play. Traditional games such as peekaboo or patty-cake are still good to be used. These games are truly enjoying these kinds of games. Aside from that, you also help your baby’s brain to grow.

Feeding your Baby

When you start feeding your baby with solid foods, don’t start with a sweet fruit. It is better to introduce a healthier food such as vegetables so that the nutrients that are missing in your baby’s diet will be balanced.

Crying Baby

It is a fact that babies do cry. It is a way of telling parents that there is something wrong, he needs something or he is not comfortable. If everything is settled like diaper, noise or hunger, it may be due to other factors. Your baby is in the womb for 9 months and he is used to it. You may recreate this experience by wrapping him in a blanket, holding him tightly and then gently rocking them.