Big and Cheap: Christening Gifts Worth Chipping In


Christening events are one of the occasions where we could celebrate sincere love, purity and joy. No matter what religious group you are a part of, it is always an honor to be invited in a glorious event like this because only a chosen few are invited to this very holy celebration. Now, I am quite sure you are excited to attend the event, but before you prepare your entire ensemble, let us first explore on the best gifts you can buy for the child. Since you are going to attend the event with friends or other family members who also love the child dearly, one of the greatest things you could do to make sure that your gift will be most functional is to take shares for a big gift. Through this, you would not have to worry about breaking the bank while ensuring that your gift will come out extra special. If you don’t have big christening gift ideas in mind, then below are some of the best you can find:


If the child doesn’t have a walker yet, then you can definitely contribute to the child’s developmental milestone if you buy him/her one. Gather a group of 4-5 friends and split the bill for a high quality walker. This may be expensive, but if you would share it with your group, you will surely be surprised on how cheap it would cost you. Indeed, there is no replacement for being resourceful, is there? So before you get ready for the big day, get that big wrapper ready for this awesome treat first.

Rocking Cradle

I am quite sure that just like any other child, your godchild also wants to be rocked to sleep. A rocking cradle is perfect to suit your godchild’s needs! Aside from providing optimum comfort and convenience to the child, you would be able to help the parents in their nursing duties since your cradle is there to help them successfully nurse the child. There are also rocking cradles that are comprised of hanging toys that would make the child feel more entertained. When choosing, always look at the quality to make sure that you are not buying the wrong brand of cradle.


Strollers are blessings here on earth. Can you imagine nursing a child outdoors without a stroller? Absolutely not! A stroller is perfect since the child most probably does not know how to walk yet. And even if he/she does, it is very convenient to bring a cradle every time the family goes out since the child will definitely have to rest after a tiring walk. Save the parents from a full day of stress by giving them this gift. If you opt to buy a stroller, find a large group since the price is usually higher than the other ‘big’ gifts we have here.

These special christening gifts for girls and boys are worth every cent. Divide the bill into your group, and you will definitely be able to contribute highly to the child’s development.


Basics of Baby Caring


If you are new to being a parent, it may be very exciting, but you may also feel very worried about caring your own baby. There are lots of things to know to ensure that your baby will not be put into trouble. Here are some basics of baby caring:

Eye Cleaning

Your baby might have some white-yellow sticky colored liquid in his eyes, especially in the corners. It may be unilateral (one eye) or bilateral (both eyes). To clean this, use a wet swab, but not a swab that is dripping with liquid. Gently move the swab from the inside to the outside. Do this first in the upper eyelid.

Nose Cleaning

Whenever your baby has a common cold, his nose may be blocked due to hardened mucous. This may cause your baby to feel irritated or may obstruct his sleep. Don’t try to clean it using your fingers. The best way is to use a pediatric nasal drops, which you can obtain from your doctor. Put a single drop on each of the nostrils and wait for some time until the hard mucous loosens. After that, use a cotton bud to remove the filths outside the nose.

Ear Cleaning

You might notice a thick brown wax inside your baby’s ear. For adults, it is immediate that you should clean this thing, but for babies it is better to leave it there because it protects their ears from external infection. The best way to prevent its thickening is to use a wet cloth and wipe his outer ear. Don’t follow old practices such as the Indian practice, which they use oil to clean the baby’s ears.

Removing and Cleaning the Nails

Even though your baby is still young, his nails are already strong and sharp. He may hurt himself, you or other persons with these nails. It is why it is really needed to be cut. They say that the best period of time in removing these nails is when your baby is sleeping. Some experts suggest that do this when your baby is sleeping and suckling your breast. When your baby is feeding on the right side of your breast, cut on the left side nails and vice versa. Use a baby nail clipper to cut the nails.

Mouth Cleaning

To clean the baby’s mouth, you should use a soft cloth that is wet. However, if your baby still doesn’t have primary teeth, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your baby’s mouth. Also try to avoid old practices like using honey or glycerin in cleaning the mouth because it may dry wet tissues inside the oral cavity.

Cleaning the Genitals

The genital of your baby is prone to infection, especially for baby girls. It is why cleaning it regularly is important and be sure to do it gently. For baby girls, clean it starting from the front to back. For baby boys, don’t push the foreskin too much since it protects the penis of your baby.