Big and Cheap: Christening Gifts Worth Chipping In


Christening events are one of the occasions where we could celebrate sincere love, purity and joy. No matter what religious group you are a part of, it is always an honor to be invited in a glorious event like this because only a chosen few are invited to this very holy celebration. Now, I am quite sure you are excited to attend the event, but before you prepare your entire ensemble, let us first explore on the best gifts you can buy for the child. Since you are going to attend the event with friends or other family members who also love the child dearly, one of the greatest things you could do to make sure that your gift will be most functional is to take shares for a big gift. Through this, you would not have to worry about breaking the bank while ensuring that your gift will come out extra special. If you don’t have big christening gift ideas in mind, then below are some of the best you can find:


If the child doesn’t have a walker yet, then you can definitely contribute to the child’s developmental milestone if you buy him/her one. Gather a group of 4-5 friends and split the bill for a high quality walker. This may be expensive, but if you would share it with your group, you will surely be surprised on how cheap it would cost you. Indeed, there is no replacement for being resourceful, is there? So before you get ready for the big day, get that big wrapper ready for this awesome treat first.

Rocking Cradle

I am quite sure that just like any other child, your godchild also wants to be rocked to sleep. A rocking cradle is perfect to suit your godchild’s needs! Aside from providing optimum comfort and convenience to the child, you would be able to help the parents in their nursing duties since your cradle is there to help them successfully nurse the child. There are also rocking cradles that are comprised of hanging toys that would make the child feel more entertained. When choosing, always look at the quality to make sure that you are not buying the wrong brand of cradle.


Strollers are blessings here on earth. Can you imagine nursing a child outdoors without a stroller? Absolutely not! A stroller is perfect since the child most probably does not know how to walk yet. And even if he/she does, it is very convenient to bring a cradle every time the family goes out since the child will definitely have to rest after a tiring walk. Save the parents from a full day of stress by giving them this gift. If you opt to buy a stroller, find a large group since the price is usually higher than the other ‘big’ gifts we have here.

These special christening gifts for girls and boys are worth every cent. Divide the bill into your group, and you will definitely be able to contribute highly to the child’s development.


Nursery for the Parents


You are probably excited for your upcoming baby and I can bet that you have already bought all of the necessities of your baby from the crib down to the blankets and sheets. However, even if the nursery you have created looks perfect and it is filled with all the things that your baby will ever need, there is just one thing missing—your space. Nursing the baby is not an easy task. Even if you have waited all your life to take care of a child of your own, it does not make nursing any easier. This is why even if the room is made entirely for the baby, you would definitely need your own space.

Furniture Set

Yes, I know you have heard of how rocking chairs really help you when nursing the baby. This is absolutely true and there is no need to contradict this fact. However, aside from the rocking chair, you should also invest on a furniture set that will help you rest in between your nursing hours. It could either be a small bed beside the crib, a mattress or a long coach. Whatever you prefer, make sure that it can really help you rest well enough to gather enough strength for nursing the baby.

Magazines and Books

There will always be times that the baby will sleep well and you still do not have the urge to take a nap. To save yourself from boredom, books and magazines would help you pass time.

MP3, the Internet and Games

Thanks to technology, everything is within your reach. To help you become updated with what’s happening on the outside world, use your phone to navigate via the Internet or to simply listen to songs that can calm your senses and blow all of your weary days away.

There’s no need to dwell on the tiring job of being a parent. Nursing your baby can be more fun once you embrace parenthood and you learn to look for ways to make the task not only fulfilling, but enjoyable as well.

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Helpful Parenting Tips For Overcoming Parent- Child Conflicts and Challenges


Challenges and conflicts will forever be there in a parent-child relationship. As a parent, it is always up to you to how you can properly handle such troubles that might come your way. Keep in mind that you can always treat children as if they were your friends. Be a parent to your children in a way that you will give them the respect and honor that they need, Always value their opinions and never ever threaten or berate them. Just offer positive criticisms. Listening is the key to resolving all conflicts so make sure that you take time to hear out what they have to say.






Three Things Parents Should Understand


Being a parent is the most difficult job there is. Parenting will be a lot easier if parents will be able to understand these three simple concepts:

  • Limitations

Limitations are not about just rules; these make up established boundaries. Setting effective limits will require you to determine what is most valuable. You are not expected to establish rules but you have to create behavioral limits.

  • Discipline

Once the limitations have been violated, you have to impose disciplinary actions. This is what discipline is for. Keep in mind the discipline does not necessarily mean punishment.

  • Freedom

Keep in mind the children need freedom too. They also need be given the chance to create their own choices and they also need space so they could have time to grow.

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